Why Outsource Lithuania?

Top IT companies and developers from the World’s Best Kept Secret Tech Hub In Europe.

Professionals in their sectors

There is plenty of talent in Lithuania:

– from top web developers to experienced systems architects;
– from graphic designers to experts in animation;
– from customer care specialists to engineers.

Educated and eager to learn, motivated (highest ranked in CEE countries), and committed, our people have the skills to handle even the most complex of tasks, the attitude to out-deliver, and the loyalty to see the job through whatever the circumstance.


Business Culture & Easy Communication

Looking to grow your business in fast and convenient way. Look no further than Lithuania, a member of EU and Eurozone, with a stable political and economical situation, where government support business friendly legislation. Lithuania already has chosen as an outsourcing destination by a large number of international companies.

84% proficiency in English among young professionals in the country.

Located at the crossroads of Western Europe, Northern Europe and the CIS, Lithuania is an ideal hub for accessing EU markets. Plus, its location offers ideal timezone coverage for BPO operations in the EMEA region.

Lithuania’s physical infrastructure gives easy and affordable access by car, public transport, see ferries and air (3 international airports, all offering access to key European locations in 2-3 hours).


Lithuania has been planting seeds which are now bearing fruit, thanks to its longstanding focus on developing talent. Its population has EU-leading higher education levels.

And, as a small country with strong business-academy links (1st in CEE for university-business collaboration in R&D), international investors are playing a key role in shaping courses in order to nurture exactly the talent they need.

And going forward, the government is committed to further growing STEM education. It’s thanks to this focus on talent that Lithuania’s scientific research institutions rank 2nd in the CEE region.

2nd highest in the EU share of youth (25-29 years) with tertiary education – 50.4%

Lithuania also is 4th in the EU for Bachelors graduates in science, maths, computing, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.


Best price to quality ratio
  • High Quality

    Kayak, Uber, Unity, Wix and Vinted are just few of the highly successful companies with development teams in Lithuania. Lithuania offers the highest quality talent, ranking alongside Germany and Ireland and ahead the Netherlands and France.

  • Lower Costs

    You will maximise return on your investment. Lithuania gives you the quality you need at the costs you want. Yet employee costs are around 20% of those in Germany, and highly competitive within the region.

International recognition & solid reputation

Companies from Lithuania like Devbridge, Oberlo, Tesonet have already gained a place in the global market.

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