Managament Services

Technologies we work with

  • Book-keeping
  • Call Center
  • Preparation of presentation / slides
  • Security
  • Telesales

Outsource your management services

Our Management & IT experts’ team help to You to manage day-to-day issues. You don’t need to worry about any experts’ hire, screening and staffing problems. Our Services include:

Information / Cyber Security
Infrastructure Management
Maintenance & Support
Corporate IT Training
Call Center Services
Relocation Services
Software Testing

Our benefits

  • High Quality

    Kayak, Uber, Unity, Wix and Vinted are just few of the highly successful companies with development teams in Lithuania. Lithuania offers the highest quality talent, ranking alongside Germany and Ireland and ahead the Netherlands and France.

  • Lower Costs

    You will maximise return on your investment. Lithuania gives you the quality you need at the costs you want. Yet employee costs are around 20% of those in Germany, and highly competitive within the region.

  • Talents

    There is plenty of talent in Lithuania - from experienced systems architects to customer care specialists. Educated and eager to learn, motivated (highest ranked in CEE countries), and committed, our people have the skills.

Example project workflow for Call Center

- Analysis and setting of goals
- Technical connection / infrastructure integration
- Access to internal data / systems
- Training for staff
- Transition period
- Service delivery
- Maintenance and support

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